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Ciao Alessandra, Thank you so much for a wonderful morning in Firenze! The time you planned for us was perfect! We felt like we were with a charming friend seeing beautiful Florence. Your knowledge of the details we could not get on our own made the history come alive and so very interesting!! We are extremely pleased we decided to use you as a guide and highly recommend you. Grazzi for the delicious lunch, market tour, and helping us make some beautiful memories. Take care, Carolyn and Todd Dutson
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Grazie di tutto!
Messaggio inserito da: Mariana29
Our family loved touring with Alessandra. She created such a good experience for old to not so old. My 92 year old aunt who is a painter loved the way she tailored our experience at the Uffizi and Academia. What a gracious guide and host.
Messaggio inserito da: Linda28
Ciao alessandra, grazie mille per la visita turistica a firenze. E' stata molto interessante e ascoltarla è stato un piacere. Grazie anche per la sua disponibilità. saluti da Bari :)
Messaggio inserito da: Antonella17
Dear Alessandra, A belated thank you for a truly fabulous experience; the morning that we spent with you was the highlight of our visit to Florence. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and obvious love for your beautiful city was a privilege to share. For any person reading this looking for a guide to Florence, we could not recommend Alessandra any more highly. You will learn so much more that you can from any guide book and discover places that aren't in any guide book! Thank you again, Simon and Emma Temlett
Messaggio inserito da: Simon and Emma14
Alessandra, We loved having a second tour of your beautiful city with you after many years! Your knowledge of Art history and your insights into the Renaissance period were wonderful for us as we watched and learned from you during our visit. I don't know where we could ever find a better guide! We hope to return to Florence and will be contacting you for sure. Take good care and again many thanks.
Messaggio inserito da: Peggy and Neill McBryde13
Dear Alessandra: Our small group better appreciates and understands the history of your wonderful city after the whirlwind tour you provided. It had been many years since our last visit. We plan that when we do return (sooner, we hope) that we will be able to see more of your terrific city with you. You came highly recommended by someone in your industry and you exceeded our expectations. Grazie Mille!
Messaggio inserito da: Steve and Friends12
Grazie per la bellissima visita al giardino di Boboli e Bardini!! Nonostante il gran caldo abbiamo molto apprezzato il percorso in uno dei luoghi piu' incantevoli di Firenze. Arrivederci alla prossima visita!
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Grazie Alessandra, con te abbiamo visitato Firenze in modo davvero originale.
Messaggio inserito da: Lorenzo e famiglia10
Dear Alessandra, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Before meeting you, I tried 6 or 7 different Florence guides for the small groups of travelers I bring to Italy each year, and you are the most knowledgeable, conscientious, gracious, caring and friendly guide I have met - in Florence or anywhere else. You always take care of us so well and are a treasure trove of knowledge of history and art, as well as modern Italian society and culture. You're always up-to-date on the current special exhibitions and new openings, the most current scholarship, the latest "hot" restaurants and wine bars, and exquisite shopping. (Being a medieval-Renaissance Italian historian myself, I always appreciate your insights as well as your fresh insider info.) Having chosen you as our Florence guide makes me appear quite brilliant to my guests. They come home from Italy bragging to their families and friends about the fabulous guide they had in Florence, and then they bring along friends on their 2nd and 3rd tours of Italy with me. Abbracci and continuing success as you share your enormous gifts with lovers of Florence. Dan Lesnick
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Bella Firenze, bello il sito :)
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