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Your official tour guide of Florence suggests this alternative itinerary which allows to visit religious spaces in a relaxed way, even in a very crowded period, because they are off the beaten tracks.
These are places where the relationship between the paintings and the religious buildings of destination is still very strong and we can still appreciate silence and contemplation.
This peculiar itinerary consists of visiting some convents and monasteries or ex monasteries where the space dedicated to meals, the Refectory, was decorated with the subject of the Last Supper. The tradition of the Florentine painting shows many famous examples of frescoes, reminding Jesus's last dinner with his Apostles, therefore Cenacoli, (from the latin word cenam which means dinner). The selection of Last Suppers I suggest to visit permits to reach all of them on foot:

  • Cenacolo of Santa Apollonia, work of Andrea del Castagno. It is considered the first renaissance last supper and it is close to San Marco square.
  • Cenacolo of Ognissanti, inside the monastery of the Umiliates, is a masterpiece by Ghirlandaio.
  • Cenacolo of Fuligno, inside the convent of S. Onofrio, made by Perugino.
  • Cenacolo del Carmine, inside the monastery of Carmine (where even the Brancacci Chapel is) was painted by Alessandro Allori.
The visit will be organized according to the timetable of these places which are not open to public every day.