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Your authorized tourist guide of Florence suggests an unusual tour of Florence, a very special one, the city from a different point of you: from water level. During summertime, when days are long and warm and the river flows slowly, it is possible getting down along the Arno river by boat. Believe me it is an incredible, breathtaking experience.

The city appears close and far at the same time: you see it, you admire it, but you do not have the same feeling: you do not feel the crowd and the typical noise of tourist season. Moving under bridges we can appreciate the historical buildings, the ancient mansion houses, the churches with their domes and their bell-towers. Your official guide of Florence will tell you the history of the city, the story of the families who made the developing of the ancient Florence possible and of those who still live in their ancient palaces.

If you want a magic atmosphere I suggest to choose the late afternoon, when sun rays emanate a golden light on Florentine buildings. Believe me you will never regret!