Alessandra Gardin

Florence tourist guide


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Florence is one of the few cities where you can still breath the ancient air of the artisan workshops, where you can still see hand made items. Your personal local guide will take you on a tour made of ancient scents and colours through dark and dusty halls where I am going to show you the craftsmanship in using semi – precious stones (the so called commesso fiorentino / semi precious stone in lay) as they used to do in 1500 for the Medici family. The wood carving and the gilding, the hand made paper, the famous marble paper. I will show you how they make a leather bag, cut and sewed entirely by hand or a little leather box which is shaped in front of you. We will enter the workshops of goldsmiths who really design and make their own jewels, never the same. Besides we will move among laces and embroideries which are still produced just outside Florence. Would you like to see how a real excellent icecream with natural ingredients is made? Just follow me!